About AlphaGrail.ai

AlphaGrail.ai is an American financial services company headquartered in Wilmington, Delaware. Specializing in navigating investors through the stock market, the company integrates artificial intelligence (AI) into its analytical processes, establishing connections with NASDAQ and NASI. Thanks to Deep Reinforcement Learning technology, the explorative nature of the algorithms behind AlphaGrail.ai ensures it learns all the time, and works out its trading strategies avoiding future or survivor bias. This means the algorithm will never lose the whole deposit just because the situation changed from what it was originally trained at. The product was publicly introduced in 2023, following the initiation of core algorithm training in 2015, leveraging a historical data depth of 12 years.

Industry Impact:

The mission of AlphaGrail.ai is to empower investors with a FinTech tool capable of navigating the complexities of the stock market, providing unparalleled insights and strategies for informed decision-making. Operating within an ecological approach, we ensure that the product remains within the white-labeled domain. At the core of our vision is the belief that every investor, from individual traders to institutional funds, should have access to advanced and accessible AI tools.

Mission and Vision:

In the early stages of algorithm design, AlphaGrail.ai conducted a thorough analysis of competitors' models, leading to the creation of a product MVP. Subsequent research revealed the inadequacy of existing products in the industry, prompting the development of an upgraded version, incorporating technological insights. Rigorous backtesting demonstrated the model's efficiency, verifiable through data upload via API to platforms storing market data.


The genesis of AlphaGrail's development predates the existence of the term "Deep Reinforcement Learning." Founders actively contributed to the formation of this unique technological stack, bridging AI algorithms with DRL in the stock market environment. The product's initiation stemmed from the Ph.D. research conducted by Andrii Pylypenko, now one of the AG founders.

About Alpha Grail

How it works:

AlphaGrail.ai employs Swing Trading approaches looking to identify the best open and close points into an asset from a certain asset universe (Swingset) based on its intra-week or intra-month oscillations. In traditional mid-term portfolio management, the composition and weight of assets in the portfolio are defined upfront and usually remain unchanged by the market situation during a designated time frame (e.g. a quarter). With AlphaGrail.ai portfolios are constructed Swingsets rather than individual assets. The AI agent, sensing and responding to market changes, and adjusting long positions in each Swingset introduces an additional layer of diversification to the whole portfolio. AlphaGrail.ai Agent is trained to operate and show its outstanding performance without an elaborate risk management strategy inside, so it is all on the user side because every trader has its own goals, risk appetites, and approaches, which will lead to a unique risk management strategy.

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